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Twitter Account Suspended Part 2 – Let’s Do It Again

Twitter Account Suspended Part 2In my previous post, I decided to try out a technique for getting new followers quickly on my non-critical Twitter account. It got suspended but I decided to do one more test.


For this next test, I decided to create a brand new Twitter account and execute the same steps as I did for the my other account.

I created this new Twitter account, followed a few people, did some retweets and was ready to use the follower system. I started it again and one of the first things I saw was that promo tweet they mentioned.  That tweet did a shout out to people I didn’t know which made me suspicious right away. Within a matter of seconds, the new account was suspended because the shout out to random tweeters is considered spam. The fact that this was a brand new account made it even MORE obvious so the algorithm kicked in automatically.

Appealing that suspension was easy as long as I promised to stop using automated software that produced those kinds of tweets. When my account did get restored, I noticed that my follower/following ratio was skewed. I was following 260+ people but was only being followed by 17,  not even 10%!

So going through multiple suspensions across two Twitter accounts got me wondering exactly how this system was supposed to work for the benefit of the user? It seemed to violate a lot of the rules so how is anyone supposed to get more Twitter followers?

I decided to go to the source. I found emails for each site and sent them a question asking why their software needed to send out promotional tweets to people who were not associated with the user’s account especially since it was considered spamming. I wasn’t sure if I would get a response as these addresses tended to be unmanned and fall into a black hole.

Not even a minute after I sent the email, all 4 messages bounced back as undelivered/emails don’t exist.  I looked over the terms of service again and saw that some of these pages were dated 2010. Two years in the Twitter-verse is a lifetime. Twitter had obviously made significant improvements in its algorithms but these sites had not kept up which made them very risky ventures.

The scary thing is that these systems had VIP services that cost over $65. Imagine paying that much money only to have your main Twitter account suspended and no one to answer why. At the end of the day, this particular system does more harm than good. For those who want to have 1000′s of followers over the course of a few days, they may wind up with their Twitter accounts indefinitely suspended or worse, damage done to their reputations and an skewed follow ratio which makes their account look suspicious.

As for me, I decided to keep both Twitter accounts so that I can leverage them to create my own promotional network. I am slowly building up the newer account which, despite the handful of followers, has yielded great results for my PPC publisher campaigns and is gaining new followers daily. Having a lot of followers quickly may seem like the way to do things on Twitter but at the end of the day, it can cost you more than the price.


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18 Responses to Twitter Account Suspended Part 2 – Let’s Do It Again

  1. Wow D. I didn’t know you were doing these experiments. I’ve had so many random shout outs from brand new Twitter accounts that it’s not even funny.
    I report them every time too!

    I agree with Ti, and for the most part I’m not a fan of any kind of automation. I don’t even like auto DM’s because I know how annoying they are when I get them.

    Thanks for educating people about these scams.
    Ileane recently posted…[Video Case Study] The Anatomy of the Perfectly Profitable VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Ileane! I did it on a lark and I really was too curious to not check it out. Funny enough I just had a random one the other day and I reported it too. As far as auto DMs, ever since they were linked to malware, I have stayed away from them; wouldn’t even know how to initiate it. I keep things low key when it comes to Twitter and my account is growing and growing. Thanks for stopping by, guru Ileane :)
      D. Dixon recently posted…6 Simple Farming Concepts That Apply To BloggingMy Profile

  2. Very well written and researched piece, D. This case study proves that it’s much better to get Twitter followers organically. I think that the only kind of Twitter software that one should use are ones that aid in status updates and DM’s – and even those should be reviewed to ensure they are safe to use. Thanks so much for providing such in depth info. I appreciate it!

    Ti Roberts recently posted…[Monthly Traffic Case Study #3] How I Went From ZERO to 19,828 Visitors In 3 Months Flat!My Profile

  3. Wow D.
    Thanks for taking the time to do the research on this. I couldn’t imagine spending $65 for a Twitter suspension and zero support. It makes you wonder if this even worked in the first place, or were they scams to begin with?
    Ken Pedersen recently posted…Tips for Generating Tons of TrafficMy Profile

    • Thanks Ken. I couldn’t either. It’s amazing to me how desperate people are to get many followers in such a short time…I just never understood the rush. In any case, I kept my money in my pocket, my accounts are fine and I’m just going to keep plugging along. Cheers and Happy New Year!
      D. Dixon recently posted…My 13 Social Media Resolutions for 2013My Profile

  4. Hi D.Dixon, love to see your experiment and by all that you did I can learn a lot out of it.

    Thanks – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted…7 Ways to Get Twitter Followers on PurposeMy Profile

  5. hmmmm really good….. i was googling for it….. thanks for sharing
    Khushal Rao recently posted…YoYo Honey Singh’s show washes by the ‘Angry Indians’My Profile

  6. You’ve essentially cracked a code here. Thank you for doing this research. I hope you exceed your very own expectations for success in 2013. Happy new year!

  7. I ‘ve been told once suspended on Twitter it’s close to impossible to get it back. What was the process like to get restored.
    herby recently posted…David Barrett Founder of Expensify: Expense Reports That Don’t SuckMy Profile

  8. Hi,

    I’ve always wondered about these sites that claim 1000′s of Twitter followers. Thanks for addressing this topic. Sally
    Sally Brown recently posted…Is It Important To Be On Top?My Profile

    • Hi Sally! You’re welcome. I did this because I just really needed to understand how these guys could make such a guarantee. This little test tells me that there are more updated sites out there BUT at the same time, you don’t know what affect their actions could have on your account. Not to mention that if you’re looking for targeted followers, this is not the way to go. In any case, I’m glad I did it; it was interesting and I am in no rush to grow those other accounts at this point; slow and steady is good :)
      D. Dixon recently posted…8 Strategic Ways To Find The Right Guest Blogging OpportunityMy Profile

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