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Surviving WordPress Blog Migration – Part 2

Credit: Ambro & FreeDigitalPhotos.com

Credit: Ambro & FreeDigitalPhotos.com

So I had my WordPress blog backup ready to go but I was having problems logging into my new host’s control panel and I needed help. This is where 24/7 technical support comes in very handy. I called the number and got a live person who was able to help me understand what was going on. It seems that my IP was changing every two seconds (literally) so it triggered the login prompt every time. That meant I couldn’t get access the control panel to add the domains, create my database…anything.

The longer night

I was on the phone with multiple tech support reps to the point where a couple recognized my voice. I needed to have this done and after a day of being down, my 1SingularSensation.com blog finally came back up. But there was still the problem of how to get both WordPress blog zips transferred to the new host. One rep mentioned SSH and how I could transfer files from my old host to new host without acting as the “middle man.” I loved the idea but wasn’t thrilled about getting back into Unix coding. That was when I took another look at the BackWPup plugin and found that feature that would save my sanity.

Do and FTP to FTP transfer with BackWPup

I could do a straight backup to the new host from the old host without downloading to my machine.

One step at a time

I made the FTP download into the new host but the problem I had was to unzip the files. I was still having ISP issues but the tech support reps were able to help me unzip the files, create the database, all the things I was not able to do. I was able to see the site before it went live and make sure the work was preserved.I finally got to the point where I could change the nameservers and point all of my sites to the new host. After all that time, I had to wait a few hours to see my site.


The sites had finally propagated and while I was able to see one of my addon sites (sortof), I wasn’t able to log in. It seems that the tables in the database were pointing to the test site and not the actual site. The only way to fix that was that I had to go into cPanel. I was still having IP issues but if I wanted to see my WordPress blogs live again, I had to do it somehow; tech support couldn’t touch this one. I don’t know what happened but I was able to push through and make the changes in phpMyAdmin as per the tech rep’s instructions. It was a challenge, I had to login repeatedly but after a while, I made the changes and I was finally able to login to my blogs.

One more thing…

In the middle of everything, I had somehow forgotten about Webmail. I was always getting email so those needed to be created and configured. That meant I had to go through cPanel again. I had called my ISP and told them about my problem and the response I got was “we’ll get back to you…when we get back to you.” Not helpful but at least they knew. I finagled, begged, pleaded, pushed, begged with cPanel. I was able to get through and add my email accounts.

Migrating WordPress blogs is not supposed to be this complicated or exhaustive but it does require that all elements work properly. With the right webhost in your corner, even the more complicated issues become more manageable.

Forty-four hours of drama; what a way to start a new partnership :)

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