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How Reachli Helps You Monetize Your Pinterest Pins

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more interesting…it looks like Reachli has found a way to monetize Pinterest pins!

A few weeks ago, I got an interesting email from this site called Pinerly that I used to help me with analytics on Pinterest. Apparently they had re-branded as Reachli (pronounced Reech-lee) and were now open to content publishers and advertisers.

I was curious about how this company was going to leverage Pinterest to generate income so I applied.

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A few days ago, I was notified that I was accepted as a publisher and now I had to take the next steps. So I watched a brief two minute video, read their blog post and was both surprised and excited by what I saw:


  • Thanks to Pinterest, Reachli had discovered an advertising niche and created a system to turn existing images into lifestyle ads. Basically, you could ad code to your blog and when visitors hovered over one of your images, they would see a contextual, relevant ad that they could click and/or share! (Hover over my header graphic and you’ll see what I mean)
  • So far they have a network of 30,000 advertisers, 1000 publishers and 1,500 campaigns per day. They also claim that their ads have a CTR of 2%-4% and that users engage with their ads 80 times more. Knowing that the average CTR for Facebook is about 0.1% makes me even more curious :)
  • They have multiple ways to help you make money including sharing advertising content via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest!
  • Advertisers pay per click and the rates range from $0.07 cents to $0.12 per click. You can embed the ads on your site or blog and make money directly.  You could create a page, a site, anything around these ads and earn per click.
  • In addition to being a publisher, you can create your own PPC campaign on Pinterest and Reachli for as little as $10 and the click rate so far is only as high as $0.35!
So what I’ve done is come up with a way to leverage another network  so that I can see how this can work for me. The good news is that my little experiment just made me $0.12 cents so now I’m REALLY motivated to see it through. 
I will keep you posted on what I learn from this Pinterest/Reachli development and my own experiments…Stay Tuned :)

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4 Responses to How Reachli Helps You Monetize Your Pinterest Pins

  1. I’ve made a few dollars this month promoting reachli on fb and twitter. I can see a larger share of the pie if I made a tumblr site.
    tonygreene113 recently posted…AdSense Optimization by the @lockergnomeMy Profile

  2. I found the same thing to be true. I got my Publisher status approved last week and I’ve made a “whopping” 0.34. But hey it’s a start and I really haven’t been trying. Between my YouTube channel, Amazon, and Reachli I might just make a few bucks a day. Hey it’s donut money.

    • That is AWESOME, Dawn! It’s $0.34 you got without really trying. There aren’t many ways we can do that. And with a few dollars a day everyday, it adds up. I’m closing in on that $1 after a social media push I just started but I have to say, I got that ground-floor-this-has-great-potential feeling that I can’t shake. I kinda like it! :)
      D. Dixon recently posted…How Reachli Helps You Monetize Your Pinterest PinsMy Profile

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