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How Blogs, Twitter and Facebook Really Affect Internet Traffic

While there’s still a lot more to learn, there is data quantifying just how blogs, Twitter and Facebook impact internet traffic on ¬†business sites

Getting that right mix of organic internet traffic coupled with great CTR is the goal of many businesses who want to improve their bottom line. But in all honesty, there’s still a lot of doubt that blogs and social media REALLY do anything to generate warm leads and impact site traffic.

Thanks to the folks at Hubspot we have some numbers to work with. They took data from 7000+ of their customers(B2B, B2C, varied sizes) and came up with some useful marketing benchmarks. This is a great study because it helps to further quantify the link between social media, blogging and internet traffic in a way that give us a way to set some goals for our site.

Now, I want to preface this data by saying that it’s based on counting Twitter followers, Facebook fans, which are just pieces of an overall strategy Hubspot created for its clients.

Inbound Internet Traffic & Lead Generation

Blog Engage MembershipWhen it came to the number of pages on the site and inbound traffic, sites with 101-200 site pages saw twice as much traffic as those with just 1-50 pages. For each additional 100 pages of content, traffic growth was at least 40% greater.

As far as lead generation, sites with over 50 pages of content saw a noticeable increase in new leads with at least 40% more new leads per 100 additional pages of content. When looking at sites with between 101-200 pages, there are between 2 to 2.5 times more new leads for those sites than for sites with less than 50 pages.

How blogging really affects internet traffic to your business site

They broke this down into the number of monthly blog posts as well as the overall blog post count.

Sites who added just 1 or 2 blogs per month saw traffic increase by about 40% than sites with no blogs. A sharper increase in internet traffic happens when sites go from just 6-8 blogs per month to 9-15; traffic nearly doubles and increase by about 40% each month after.

As far as total number of blog posts, sites that had 101-200 total blog posts had 3x more traffic than those with 20 posts or less. Now, if the site has over 200 blog posts, traffic is nearly twice as much as sites with 101-200 total posts.

As far as generating new leads, the sharp increase happens when sites hit more than 100 total blog posts. Those sites experienced a 40% increase in lead per additional 100 posts after that .

The impact of Twitter and Facebook on traffic

Many companies go to significant (sometimes not-so-kosher) lengths to get their Twitter followers and Facebook fans in the thousands and here’s why:

Twitter profiles with between 101-200 followers received at least 3x more traffic than those with just 1-25 followers. Those with over 1000 followers had 3x more traffic than those with 501-1000 followers.

Growing your Facebook page fan base to between 101-200 likes generate twice as much traffic to the business site than pages with 1-25 likes. When like count goes beyond 1000, internet traffic is 3x that of businesses with 501-1000 likes on their pages and over 6x more than pages with 101-200 likes.

These are some compelling stats and you can read the full 52-page report here. So the question is, how surprised are you by this data?


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