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Email Marketing & Its Scope

Guest post by Sumeet Gaurav


Guest Post Email marketing and it's scope

All of us have come across the term “marketing” which is generally defined as a process of communicating and advertising the value of an item or any product. Marketing is a broad term in itself which can be categorized in many segments. Email marketing is one of the most vital segments of marketing.

Basically email marketing is a kind of direct marketing in which a commercial message is sent to a group of people via electronic mail. The purpose behind this kind of advertising is to gain trust, build reputation and loyalty.

Types of email marketing- generally email marketing can be categorized as-

  • Transactional emails- such emails are mostly targeted on customer’s action with an organization. The main motive behind such email marketing is to convey the required information in context with the action that triggered it. Not only this, such mails serve as the best way to engage the customers and in building strong bonds with the customers and subscribers.
  • Direct emails- direct emails are very straight forward and to the point. Usually it involves sending emails which are purely targeted for promoting or advertising particular event, announcements of special offers etc.

Overall, we can conclude that email marketing is a sort of advertising your product with the help of emails. In simple words, it would not be wrong to say that any email sent to a potential customer is email marketing.

How does it work?

Basically in email marketing an organization creates its advertisements in form of pictures, texts etc. which can be sent further to many people. This email is sent in bulk to thousands of people at once. When customers go through your email and find it lucrative. They will surely get back to you.

Key to efficient email marketing is as follows-

  • Good email content- your email should have an impressive content which helps you to leave a good impact on viewers.
  • Customer database- you should have a database of your potential customers.
  • Sending and tracking- it is advisable to buy licensed software which allows you to send your email and track your customers easily. It will help you to get a measure of your strategies and in improving them.

Beside this, you can offer various special rewards and exclusive offers to your customers to gain their trust and loyalty. There exists various kind of software which helps you to create mail templates, categorize your customers according to the rate of conversion, or adjust your content as per the customer’s requirement.

Scope of email marketing- email marketing is a very broad term in itself as it is not just promoting a product through emails but also serve as a tool which helps you to gain trust of customers, to attract them and build your own reputation.

If used effectively, it can bring help you to earn the maximum returns on each penny that you have spent. In fact, it can help you to acquire new customers as well as enhance your relationship with existing customers.

With more and more people using internet on regular basis, the scope of email marketing is rising tremendously as it a very cost effective method with a global reach. In fact, a recent media report revealed that about 500 million people access the internet on regular basis which is almost twice of last two years. These figures are enough to get an idea of expansion of this wonderful marketing tool.

Benefits of email marketing-

  • Simple and easy to use- email marketing is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can easily learn the whole process about how it works.
  • Save time and efforts- unlike postal messages or telesales campaigns, emails save our time and efforts.
  • Low cost- email marketing doesn’t require overhead of employees, designers or analysts. It simply requires a skilled person with bit of creativity. So you don’t need to pay heavy bills for telephones, postal deliveries and all. Email marketing can be done at very low cost so there are no overheads or financial worries.
  • Easy to track ROI- the best thing about email marketing is that it can be easily tracked and measured. You can track the success of your marketing campaigns and can improve them accordingly.
  • Frequent communication- emails serve as an effective way of frequent communication. You can be in touch with your customers and can offer them the services they want.
  • Cheapest way with global reach- emails are the cheapest and the best way to reach thousands of people at just one click.
  • Real time personalized messages- with email marketing, you can send real time and personalized messages to you potential customers on special occasions with in short span of time which will definitely leave your good impact on customers.

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6 Responses to Email Marketing & Its Scope

  1. Email marketing has become the most efficient way of online promotion. In today’s competitive world it is an economical way to adverting your product or services across the world. You can get a good outcome with less effort and cost.

  2. I have set lots of cron jobs to do quite some emailing work. It is set on rules though and based on the customers actions it does perform given procedures. Makes life really easy if emails are used wisely.
    Keral Patel recently posted…How to become a webmasterMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the post! We all hear this term Marketing everywhere from everyone. 10 out of 20 my rss posts tell about marketing strategies, tips and tricks and so on. But yeah, do we all know what Merketing is in real? I bet every second blogger writing about marketing won’t be able to tell clearly what marketing is, well, unless he knows Wikipedia by heart) thanks a lot for so detailed explanation!
    Evan recently posted…Top 30 Internet Marketing WordPress Themes 2013My Profile

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