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Doing Keyword Research: Finding Your Competition

Now that we’ve gotten a general idea of how to use the Adwords keyword tool to find those traffic generating keywords, we can now turn our attention to finding the competition. Remember,  the competition field in the AdWords display is related to finding CPC advertising competition and with the addition of the CPC column and the local trend column, you can have a better idea if your site will generate decent PPC income.

If you’re conducting keyword research to find domain names, it’s a good idea to avoid general keywords as they probably aren’t even available anyway as .com top level domain (TLD). Another reason to avoid those types of domains is because the competition can be pretty fierce.

So how do you find those competitive sites?

You do a search using the allintitle filter to weed out the irrelevant sites. For example, if you’re looking to see how many sites have the term Wilson tennis balls, you do a Google search for allintitle:”Wilson tennis balls” There are a little over 2100 sites with that term in the title.

They are your competition for that term.

So what does 2100 mean in terms of competition level?  If your term has between 200 – 1000 results, that’s considered ideally low competition. Results between 1001 and 2500 are considered low-moderate, medium is 2501-5000, medium-moderate 5001-10,000 and anything above 10,000 is considered high competition.

Using Google Trends

In addition to using the allintitle filter in your competition search, you can also use Google Trends, aka, Google Insights for Search. When you select a term in the Adwords keyword tool, the drop down menu gives you the option to go to Google Insights:

Here's how you get to Google Trends

When you click on the option you’re taken to Google Trends:

Here's what Google Trends gives you to help with your keyword research

This graph show the 12-month trend of your keyword term and which regions in the world had the highest search volume. At the bottom right you’ll see the Related terms section. This can be a gold mine of keyword research. The Top tab is the default where you can find likely related searches.  The Rising tab is also a great resource because it shows you terms that are one the rise including breakout keywords. You can use the results in either one of these to do additional keyword research.

Between the AdWords Keyword tool and Google Trends, you can find some useful and potentially lucrative keywords for your blog posts, domain names, affiliate marketing and more.

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  1. Such a good article on finding your competition in keyword research. I learned something new year. This post has been very helpful to me. Thanks a lot for the great share!

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  3. Awesome post Dixon! If I can add a little bit to this, maybe outside of scope, but I use majesticseo to research the backlinking strategy of my competition after I find out who else is targeting my keyword. That little tip, for those who use it, is freakin killer ;)
    Brian recently posted…Empower Network Marketing Strategy For Free!My Profile

  4. I agree on your blog men, in keyword research it is good if you do some variations to the keywords try to put yourself what would be the best keywords to be used by the time our clients try to search our business, and by that you will get the perfect keyword to be used in your site.
    what is team mak recently posted…Team Mak hears from Jerry & Cherry MeadowsMy Profile

  5. Hi Dixon, you just don’t know what you’ve shared here lol. Seriously this is a pro-tip some Internet Marketers would call “info-product” and start charging for, and yes it is worth some bucks. What you’ve shared here; most especially the way to rate competition by the way of; searching for keywords using the unique filter “allintitle:keyword” will help me a lot on my niche blogging adventure. I call it adventure cos; it involves competition… Thanks for taking your time on this cos you got someone informed.

    Regards: WorldWebSurfers.com
    Emmanuel Obarhua recently posted…Are You A Blogger? Then Let’s Connect Our Blogs Together and Grow Better and Faster! [ Alliance for Link Juice]My Profile

  6. Adwords keyword tool was a black magic to me.. Always. Too complicated and i was too lazy to work it out… Anyway, now i can’t live without it, i made myself to work with it coz there is nothing more helpful when it comes to key words! You articlу also gave me some extra tips on how to use Adwords more effective!
    Tim recently posted…Elegant ThemesMy Profile

  7. wow.good article .i like it.nice post………!!!
    Kiran recently posted…NEW ONE DAY RULES RULING OUT BOWLERSMy Profile

  8. HI Dixon

    Again a great info shared!

    Google trends surely is very helpful will start using it as most of the times I overlook these type of tools.

    Thanks once again for sharing.

    sapna recently posted…What if Naive Blogger gets a Blogging Genie(An Infographic)My Profile

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