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Pregnancy Stress Can Be Reduced by Undergoing Prenatal Paternity Tests

Pregnancy is the best time is a women’s life. Though it may come with several changes in the body for the next 36 weeks, yet when you see the face of your child for the first time, everything else does not matter. However, all these feeling of happiness and belonging happens only when you are sure of the father.

Map My Gene has paternity tests that can allow for health management, prediction for your future offspring, prevention against diseases, and allow you monetary savings in the long run. If you are serious about this, you should check out the tests they offer here:

Surveys conducted over the years reveal that most women get pregnant and deliver babies before the age of the 30. For those with multiple male partners, identifying the father sometimes become hard. Thus, resulting in pregnancy stress. In some other cases diseases may get transformed to the child genetically which the mother may not be aware of also resulting in pregnancy test. All this pregnancy test and much more can be reduced by undergoing prenatal paternity tests. The modern world of science offers a solution we know as DNA testing. With the help of genome mapping and DNA check you can easily find the father, the origin of a child and even the diseases passed on by any of the parent.

There are three types of tests available for DNA. Each of these DNA tests have its own records to reveal. They also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Autosomal DNA, the first type tells about all your ancestors. This test checks the ethnicity and matches any distant relatives present.

YDNA is the second type of test. This test is only for the males. The test looks only at the y chromosomes and identifies the bloodline or direct descendants from the father.

mtDNA, the third type of DNA test can be taken by both males and females. This test looks for the direct maternal line and follows that trail. Mt DNA also known as mitochondrial DNA is passed from the mother and traces back thousands of years.
Autosomal DNA test can be performed on males and females. Today there are DNA tests available that is done to the fetal without harming it in anyway. No matter what your need is, whether you want to trace your origin or the defects passed on or you want to find the biological father of a child, prenatal paternity test will guide you to find the solution.
Science has advanced so much that there are accurate solutions for all problems that we have in life. No longer do we have to depend on written documents to trace our family tree, or wait for a baby to born to understand how healthy it is. DNA tests can do it all.

How can a person benefit from the Disease Susceptibility Gene Test?

Human genome contains approximately 20,500 genes. Genes contain information regarding the characteristics that are inherited from our parents including the diseases that we are susceptible to. But how is this information obtained? It is done through genetic testing. This involves testing your genes inherited from your father and mother in laboratories by medical experts and scientists.

What is Disease Susceptibility Gene Test (DSGT)?

Genetic Testing can find the probability of being prone to a disease. Map my Gene has introduced Disease Susceptibility Gene Test (DSGT) which discovers the genes responsible for a particular disease at the early stages. This is done by comparing the genetic variance between people who possess and who do not possess the disease. Sometimes you may not possess the chances of getting the disease but, still you may get it due to certain reasons. For example, lung cancer may occur among people who have not smoked even once in their lifetime. In this case, the disease may be inherited or you may be prone to lung cancer. Such imperative details regarding disease inheritance can be obtained from the results of DSGT which may reduce the chances of actually getting any disease by predicting and preventing it.

Why do you need DSGT?

To find out the chances of getting a disease with DNA testing methods .

To find the reason behind the occurrence of any disease.

To predict, diagnose, prevent and cure any disease at any point in your life.

To also be aware of potential risks from inherited diseases.

To reduce the chances of passing on the disease to your offspring.

Benefits of DSGT:

Provides information regarding a disease for preventing its occurrence and taking action in order to reduce the risk of developing it.

Useful for people who have high genetic predisposition to a particular disease.

Provides a complete analysis of your body and also its working condition.

Nearly 100 diseases that have higher risks of occurrence can be detected by this test.

Even diseases that have very rare occurrence can also be detected.

A highly informative report listing the disease you might be prone to and also the preventive measures for it.

Guidance and perfect consultation from medical professionals right from the time of discovering the disease and till curing it.

Analyzing the genetic structure can also provide you with a lifestyle that is totally systematic and healthy.

How is DSGT done at Map my Gene?

1. A sample of tissue is taken from cells that are swabbed inside your mouth. This is mostly taken from the cheek cells.

2. This sample is sent to the laboratory of Map my Gene where it is being examined by a group of medical experts in genomics.

3. The results of DSGT are clearly described in a detailed report listing the diseases that you are highly susceptible to and also the ones you are less susceptible to.

4. If you are found with having the chances of becoming vulnerable to a certain disease, then the reason behind it is legibly mentioned along with various preventive measures.

5. In case if you are found highly susceptible to a particular disease, then the medical experts will provide you with utmost guidance and consultation till you recover from it.

It is greatly advisable to take a disease susceptibility genetic test at the childhood itself in order to prevent the chances of being prone to a disease and being completely unaware of it till it becomes worse. Knowing your risk of being vulnerable to a disease is highly essential because it not only saves your life but also your offsprings life since, most of the diseases occur due to genetic inheritance. If you have it in your gene, then you need to know about it as early as possible. So, never hesitate to take this test and hope this article gave you a clear understanding about why DSGT is taken and also how a person can get benefited from it. For detailed information on DSGT and DNA testing, go through the official website of Map my Gene.