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How to Be an Affiliate Marketer Without Feeling Like You’re Doing It Wrong

51xzwez4cwl-_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa278_pikin4bottomright-6922_aa300_sh20_ou01_It wasn’t that long ago that I decided to repurpose my old domain and make into something that I could appreciate and enjoy.  I am a perennial student of marketing and have experience as an analyst for a major retailer in Corporate America but now I was on my own.

I decided to make a go of this “make money online” thing but things weren’t happening fast enough. I would try this too, that tool and wasn’t really getting anywhere.There are a lot of great tools, pricey tools, promising to get results quickly. So when I didn’t get the results I thought I was supposed to be getting when I thought I should be getting them, I got frustrated and fedup.

I started to question this whole process because well, I surely was not going to quit my dream of creating significant passive income but something had to give. That was when I decided to stop, back up, and just go back to the basics and start over. I had to remind myself that I was in a marathon, not a sprint. I had to work my business and not someone else’s but I had to start from square one.  I’ve started seeing results and I want to build on that. Again, a marathon, not a sprint.

I have seen the stories, heard the frustration of those who are new to affiliate marketing and newly frustrated by what they think they’re not doing right. They see the experts making thousands a month and just get so frustrated because they’re not. Here’s what I’m saying to you all:

Don’t quit and don’t get intimidated; you’re more than likely on the right track

The truth is, you’re not seeing the whole story and to be even more honest, that’s THEIR story that they worked over a period of time. You’re seeing one point in all of that journey. There’s a lot to learn but if you’re serious, you may have to stop and just go back to the basics with a different mindset.