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8 Ways To Milk More Internet Traffic From Your Guest Blog Post

8 Ways To Milk More Internet Traffic From Your Guest Blog PostWhen it comes to getting more internet traffic, “guest blogging” is the new buzz-term. While it’s not new, it is a great way to get direct and residual internet traffic for a long time

A  while back, I started my blog and needed a way to generate internet traffic. I happened on to this site with great traffic, high page rank, that had a “Write for us” opportunity. So I applied, was accepted, wrote a couple of posts, saw some traffic increase on the post and my blog…then I stopped.

It wasn’t until I understood more about social media and SEO that I realized the gold mine I had in front of me. I could write a quality guest post, share my site info and have people follow me from there to my blog giving me a little social media love and internet traffic boost that didn’t cost me a dime.

So I renewed my mission with the site and a different blog.

The result was that my post generated a lot of conversation,was shared over 30 times on Twitter and gave me a nice blog traffic increase.

Guest blogging isn’t new but its importance to social media and SEO is profound. It is a method by which we can receive residual traffic for the life of the post and the site if we know how to take advantage of it.

So once you’ve written this fantastically researched piece that you want to use as a guest blog post, what do you do to get more internet traffic?

  1. Do your research - You want to make sure that you use your basic SEO checklist and do your keyword research.  Your tags, text and pictures tags use those low competition keywords and phrases that will bring people to your post and subsequently your blog. I am constantly editing my own blog posts when I find any new keywords that fit nicely and could bring my blog additional internet traffic.
  2. Optimize it – Optimizing your post is about finding the right balance that will make it more attractive to search engines, result in good SERP and bring the internet traffic needed for your blog to be more visible. While some sites have premium plugins like SEOPressor in place for guest authors, I like to use Yoast SEO plugin on my blog so that I can make sure all my posts are optimized and then I just copy and paste it into the guest site. 
  3. Comment on “do-follow” linked sitesJustRetweet - Get More Retweets FreeThe terms “no-follow” and “do-follow” refer to a link building SEO technique, which can help you get quality internet traffic if done properly.  Do-follow means that the search engine treats the link as a backlink from that site to yours, which helps with your page rank.   You want do-follow links because when you’re commenting on these sites, not only will you get a backlink but additional internet traffic to your site as well as social shares which increase your visibility.
    Many of the sites I work with use the CommentLuv Premium plugin which helps posts to become more visible to people you wouldn’t normally reach. To find do-follow sites that you may be able to work with, you can do a search using the term commentluv dofollow blogs.
  4. Make sure your “do-follow” links are related – Commenting on sites that have CommentLuv Premium is highly recommended for many reasons and one little tip I learned is that when I’m commenting on a post I make sure that the post I choose to share is about a similar subject. For example, if you are commenting on a post about golf balls, then make sure your post is related to golf balls, about golf itself, about golf clubs, etc… That little change helps to increase the relevance of the backlink.
  5. Be mindful of publish dates – I had the post written and was excited for the drop until I got the date…I had to wait a month. While I was a bit disappointed I was aware that this particular site had a lot of posts and it was a busy time of year. So, make sure you are mindful of when your guest post is published so that you can have your promotion strategy in place.
  6. Spell check, edit, spell check again – Some sites do not allow you to edit your guest post once it’s published. I personally experienced the wrong side of this when a potential client disqualified me from a project because my post had a major grammatical error I had missed. Not everyone will be so judgmental but it helps to make sure you minimize the blatant grammatical errors.
  7. Share and share some more to get more internet traffic - Just because I’ve written a guest posts that’s been published and is getting comments doesn’t mean my job is done. I like to share this post on a number of sites and via social media because I want to get as much internet traffic as I can for as long as I can. So set up your post/tweet/G+ schedule on your favorite social media tool (I’m partial to SproutSocial.com) and keep it going at least twice a day.
  8. Answer all comments - People who took the time to respond to your post deserve a response. Showing that you are interacting with commenters increases internet traffic to your blog and social share possibilities. It all works together.

Enough cannot be said about how guest posting helps generate direct, indirect and residual internet traffic to your blog.

When you get a free moment, feel free to check out my latest guest blog post about Facebook KPIs. It seems to be doing decently. :)

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14 Responses to 8 Ways To Milk More Internet Traffic From Your Guest Blog Post

  1. It’s indeed obvious that the whole blogging world is limited to ‘How to …’ including newbies but this has a different dimension and with a different style.

  2. This is indeed a great post and an eye opener, i have always ignored the importance of guest posting but i just realized i have to do it even more now. Thanks for the heads up…nice blog though.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…How to Pick the Right SmartphoneMy Profile

    • Hi Nwosu,
      Not a problem! There are great opportunities within many niches. My only other piece of advice is to start off slowly and don’t go crazy. I currently have 1 that I’ve been writing for and because I have a blog strategy going, that’s what I can handle. I’m planning to check out another site next year. Thanks for commenting!
      D. Dixon recently posted…How Reachli Helps You Monetize Your Pinterest PinsMy Profile

  3. Very useful information on Guest Post. Just posted my first Guest Post & got confidence in writing more guest articles, its working well and few bloggers are inviting me for writing guest post in their blogs which is helping me in building network & getting good traffic.
    lokesh recently posted…How did my First Guest Post got Approved & Live in less than 24 HrsMy Profile

  4. Hey Dixon,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    Now, I like what you shared on this post. Traffic is crucial to our success and targeted traffic is key.

    I totally agree with your 8 points ;)
    enstine Muki recently posted…7 reasons why your readers don’t share your blog posts!My Profile

  5. I strongly believe in guest posting and people should keep in mind that you have to use a mix strategy of link building. And do follow no follow both are important.

  6. Great Post! Guest Blogging is definitely the way to go to get more long-term exposure. I am definitely a supporter of blog commenting; however, they can and are sometimes short term. At any moment in time, the blog owner can decide to delete the comment or as I have seen on occasion, do away with comments completely and then they are gone. Guest blogging, can serve as a more reliable and long term method for expanding your community and potential readers. A well written guest post, especially those that are generating quality traffic, is less likely to be deleted. By the way D. I found your awesome post on BizSugar : ) Let me know if you are ever interested in partnering on any future ventures!! Best…Crystal Watts
    Crystal Watts recently posted…What to Consider When Choosing a WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  7. Great post, D. Guest blogging is definitely one of the best ways to get more traffic and build your blog following very quickly. When I did my first blog post, my traffic stats went through the roof and I was able to generate 50+ new email subscribers in only one day. That’s massive power. Thanks for sharing your great tips with our BizSugar community. We’re happy to have you and I’m enjoying seeing your activity. Welcome! I hope to see much more of you.

    Ti Roberts recently posted…[SEO Rebel Roundup!] “Duh” Traffic Tips, “Shaking” widgets, and Content marketing Zen?…My Profile

    • Hi Ti,
      I just had my latest guest blog published today and so far the feedback and comments have been great! Thank you so much for support on BizSugar. If it wasn’t for that post about you on Lisa’s site I would never have heard about it! I am really impressed with how natural it feels on there and I’m enjoying sharing on it. Thank you for stopping by and commenting; feel free to drop by any time
      D. Dixon recently posted…8 Ways To Milk More Internet Traffic From Your Guest Blog PostMy Profile

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