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8 Strategic Ways To Find The Right Guest Blogging Opportunity

8 Strategic Ways to find the Right Guest Blogging Opportunity

There are plenty of guest blogging opportunities for bloggers and internet marketers but how do you know which one’s the right one…for you?

When I started guest blogging, I didn’t really know what I was looking for; I just wanted to get myself out there and visible. So I applied to the first opportunity I saw and got accepted as an author.  Now that I have some experience, I consider myself lucky to have found a great guest blog opportunity right out of the gate.

So what are some things to look for when you want to become a guest blogger?

Does the site have your niche?

While this is a given, I still wanted to put it out there because it’s often ignored and could present an opportunity. If the site you like and want to write for doesn’t have a niche that you want to write about, contact the admin and ask if s/he would be interested in creating it. If they say yes, it’s a great, pioneering guest blogging opportunity that you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t ask.

Check out the other writers in your niche

I like to see what others are writing because it gives me an idea of the quality of the writing, structure, and it may even inspire me to create some new blog posts for the site.

Guest blogging requirements fit

I like to write blog posts of varies sizes because there are times when a post needs to be longer but I don’t like being told that I have to write a longer guest blog post (Quirky, I know :) ) So for me, guest blogging opportunities that ask for minimums of 750 words or more aren’t appealing to me. If you are not OK with the requirements then doing a guest blog for the site becomes a chore than a fun opportunity.

Blog post rejection feedback

If your blog post gets rejected, are you told why? Can you ask? There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a rejection without explanation and when you ask for one, you get the silent treatment. You want to ask the admin if they provide rejection feedback.

Recent comments on other blog posts

I like to write for blog sites that are hopping because that means I’ll be seen and the conversation will be lively and fresh. Guest blogging for sites that are dead or limping along is a waste of valuable time and quality content unless you just really love the site.

Guest blog Page rank

Another way to make sure that your blog post will be seen is to check on the page rank. Page rank is a way of ascertaining traffic. A site with higher PR has more traffic which means that you can get some of that traffic to your site via the guest blog post.

Will your post be shared or broadcast?

One of the great things about guest blogging with Comluv.com is that my new post is sent out on Twitter and in the admin’s newsletter. That’s a double whammy! Another great reason why I love Comluv is because it’s got CommentLuv Premium which gives commenters the opportunity to share your guest blog post with their followers and fans…and that’s triple :)

Do you like the blog site?

While the others are important strategic ways to find the right guest blog, this one, to me, is the most important. If you don’t like the site your posting to, then you won’t care much about the quality of your work or enjoy the opportunity.

If you’re a guest blogger out there, what are some other ways to find that right opportunity?

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