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Why You Need Queue Solutions if you are Hosting an Event

Why You Need Queue Solutions if you are Hosting an Event

Nowadays, it is very easy to host an event, but it is not easy to run one smoothly without hiccups. When you host an event for a large audience, or are expecting one, you need to have plans to accommodate these outcomes. One of the most troublesome matters to deal with is if there is going to be a queue for the event and there is a bottleneck in your event due to the queue size.

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In this article, we will be sharing some queue solutions you can adopt to avoid such a scenario.

Firstly, if possible, adopt a self-checkout counter to relieve the stress on your own staff. A self-checkout counter is not only cheaper to deploy over the long run, but also puts the pressure on the crowd themselves. Rather than turning their unhappiness to your staff processing the queue, they turn it onto the slow people in the crowd taking longer to process themselves through the queue.

As Anna Arwidi mentions:
The deli area can be chaotic – so I sometimes skip that – and when presented with the choice of manned and self-check-out I’ll always head to the latter as there always seems to be a small queue for the manned check-outs.” Read more here!

Here, the author suggests another reason why you should be using a self-checkout if given the option, because people are still used to checking out via the cashier. One shouldn’t be afraid of trying new technology, after all what can a counter and bar scanner, or a mobile kiosk do to you? At most if you can’t figure the process by yourself, you can always ask a person in charge nearby how to operate it.

Next up, here are some tips and tricks to manage your queue if you end up having one. Maish writes:

Queue system offers a wide range of applications from a single line queue system to multiple lines queuing systems and allow the bank to cater wide banking services.  When the customer enters the virtual queue line and takes a ticket, the customer is intimated using digital signage solutions allowing them to approach the specific counter once their ticket number reaches the teller.” Read more here!

Other tricks can be using a multi-line queue instead of a straight line. You can open up the single line queue to multiple lines, and another section of multiple lines if you still need more space. In fact, this is how an airport manages its traffic in times of large traffic and there is limited space. Such a queue system is also present in banks, hospitals, and large event expos where a single line crowd is simply not possible given space constraints.


Next, another reason for having crowd control solutions is that if the queue is shorter, people will be less unhappy at having to wait. This is quite straightforward. Here, Queue Solutions writes:

Studies have shown that improving the customer’s experience in the checkout queue can raise their overall satisfaction rating by 20%. The reason is that the checkout queue is the retailers last touch point with the customer and the experience here will color their perception of the whole store visit. There is more at stake than just satisfaction.” Read more here!

This is why we need to solve large queues at its core – reducing them quickly and effectively. A long queue will only dampen the spirits of those attending the event and leave a bad taste. And with the use of social so prevalent nowadays, it is even more important to protect your public image as everyone can be sharing and blogging about the event on social media. Especially in Singapore, when people see a long queue, the most instinctive thing to do is to take out their phones to capture a picture of it.

Hence, we have covered some tips and tricks to manage a crowd if you ever end up having one while organizing an event. Perhaps more important is to not be at a loss to how to manage a large crowd if more than the expected number turns up. With that, you will be able to tune out the crowd and focus on the processing of the crowd.