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Are Magnetic Healing Alternatives Safe

Are Magnetic Healing Alternatives Safe?

With the constant buzz of alternative medicine and traditional folk medicines from around the world, one specific alternative healing has been making its way up the scope of the orthodox. Namely the use of therapeutic magnets in what we call the Magnet Therapy. Magnet Therapy is a very appealing alternative medicine, it is known as safe and with very little side effects. It involves using magnets and keeping them on the body around the site of pain or ailment and it should help ease the pain in a few days’ time. This alternative medicine does not only come in one form but is presented in a plenty variety. There are magnetic bracelets and jewelries, magnet pads and patches. Magnetic shoe insoles, mattress pads and even cosmetics. With a promising cure to pains like inflammation, more and more people are getting into the wave of the new and rising alternative medicine.

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So, what is all this new craze about? Find out more on this article by Jeremy Laurence .

Magnets: Do They Really Work?

* The origins of magnet therapy can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but they became popular in the West in the 1990s. Around five million Americans were using magnets in 2001.

* Magnets are said to help with arthritis, aches and pains, circulation problems, migraine, backache, period pain and sleep problems. Read more here

With the growing craze about the medical healing powers of magnetic therapy, is there really truth to it? What could a mere magnet block do for the bodily pains we have? And moreover, is it without doubt that it is safe? Magnetic Therapy, mainly done by sticking the magnet near to the site of pain is becoming popular but not necessarily cheaper. Where there is an eager market, there is little economic sense. Magnetic jewelry or patches or pads can be unnecessarily more expensive than the commercial magnets used by everyone, therefor some are using standard magnet blocks such as fridge magnets and takes them to their skin. Is there much sense to this? Will the wonders of medical magnets justify the mean of the people when trying them out?

Burning with the same skeptical question, this article by Phylameana lila Desi investigates the claims of the enticing new alternative and traditional medicine.

Do Medical Magnets Have Healing Power?

Growing Body of Evidence Suggests Magnet Therapy Works When held against the skin, magnets relax capillary walls, thereby boosting blood flow to the painful area. The magnet should be affixed to the skin directly over the painful area. Some people use ordinary adhesive bandages to affix the magnets. 

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To the firm believer, Magnetic Therapy does not only work, it works with wonders. It can be argued that it has been around for a very long time and have its undeniable good effects when used for treatment. With much more than just a safety issue a lot more are standing up for the alternative medication as a reliable and— in a considerable thought— effective way of treating pains. With claims of healing aching joint pains in just a few days to researching the most effective magnets on the market, believers are growing each day.

More on this is explored and discussed in the article by Dr. Mercola below.

The Healing Power of Magnets

Magnets have been used for their healing properties since ancient times, and now a new study has found that they can reduce swelling when applied immediately after an inflammatory injury.

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Although many are skeptical, many are still believers, not only having faith but presenting testimonies of healing as well.  Plenty more of scientific efforts and hours should be put into it and more engineering for the safety of its users.  Moreover, current studies involving placebo groups and treatment groups show little evidence and correlation a to the real effect and healing power of magnetic therapy. So, to speak, it is safe to use this alternative the same way as a placebo when the afflicted have an arsenal of synthetic drugs available and effective for their ailments?

But we cannot ignore the fact that in some cases for the standard magnetic therapy that it delivered healing more than its placebo counterpart. And in most cases of the more advanced technological magnetic therapies such as PEMF and rTMS showed a much more convincing number of healing of certain number of illness.

In conclusion, there is still much studies to be done for this alternative medicine and not everyone has gotten in the bandwagon yet. But we cannot deny that despite the very little research, it has been around since ancient times and has been used by doctors since long ago. Maybe it all comes down to belief and faith of the person when it one decides whether to try magnetic therapy or not.