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Pregnancy Stress Can Be Reduced by Undergoing Prenatal Paternity Tests

Pregnancy is the best time is a women’s life. Though it may come with several changes in the body for the next 36 weeks, yet when you see the face of your child for the first time, everything else does not matter. However, all these feeling of happiness and belonging happens only when you are sure of the father.

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Surveys conducted over the years reveal that most women get pregnant and deliver babies before the age of the 30. For those with multiple male partners, identifying the father sometimes become hard. Thus, resulting in pregnancy stress. In some other cases diseases may get transformed to the child genetically which the mother may not be aware of also resulting in pregnancy test. All this pregnancy test and much more can be reduced by undergoing prenatal paternity tests. The modern world of science offers a solution we know as DNA testing. With the help of genome mapping and DNA check you can easily find the father, the origin of a child and even the diseases passed on by any of the parent.

There are three types of tests available for DNA. Each of these DNA tests have its own records to reveal. They also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Autosomal DNA, the first type tells about all your ancestors. This test checks the ethnicity and matches any distant relatives present.

YDNA is the second type of test. This test is only for the males. The test looks only at the y chromosomes and identifies the bloodline or direct descendants from the father.

mtDNA, the third type of DNA test can be taken by both males and females. This test looks for the direct maternal line and follows that trail. Mt DNA also known as mitochondrial DNA is passed from the mother and traces back thousands of years.
Autosomal DNA test can be performed on males and females. Today there are DNA tests available that is done to the fetal without harming it in anyway. No matter what your need is, whether you want to trace your origin or the defects passed on or you want to find the biological father of a child, prenatal paternity test will guide you to find the solution.
Science has advanced so much that there are accurate solutions for all problems that we have in life. No longer do we have to depend on written documents to trace our family tree, or wait for a baby to born to understand how healthy it is. DNA tests can do it all.