Tips to Avoid Joint Aches in the winters

Tips to Avoid Joint Aches in the winters

With the drop in the mercury, your joint aches can go up. In other words, winter is a season of more pain for persons who are already suffering from arthritis. While the exact cause behind the relationship between cold and joint aches appear to be uncertain, there is no doubt that signs can actually aggravate. There is a possibility that joints, ligaments, and muscles of an affected person can become stiffer when the temperatures lower.

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What is clear though is that such people can distinguish between frigid winter temperatures and hot summer days. Here are some of the top ways to protect your vulnerable joints in the winters:

Dress in layers
Make sure that you dress in layers and in warm clothes during the winters. Experts feel that it is crucial to keep a person’s body temperature warm. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep the joints warm in cold.

Stay active in winters
When it is cold outside, it can be a tempting idea to remain indoors and be cozy rather than going outdoors for a walk. However, a person suffering from arthritis needs to stay physically active for improved mobility and function. When activities are slashed, it results in more joint aches and reduced range of motion.

Apply extra caution in certain conditions
Persons who face vascular issues that occur solitarily or along with condition such as lupus may exhibit cold-related symptoms. When there is a constriction in the blood vessels, there is a sense of numbness in toes and fingers. Even the skin reddens or turns blue as a result. These set of people will experience joint pain because of the winters as well as have the vascular component, which goes with it. Thus, it is even doubly crucial to keep your body warm and ensure that the feet and hands stay dry and warm.

Consume over-the-counter painkillers with caution
Certain drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen may come handy for people affected with joint pains in the winter months. However, the concerned physician should be aware that the patient is taking those OTC drugs. It is particularly true when a person suffers from stomach ulcers or kidney problems or when he or she is on a prescription blood thinner.

Apply moderate heat
There could be a great deal of appeal for the use of warm packs on cold joints. Many people are fond of using stuff like heating pads and moist heat. However, patients should be extremely careful while applying heat as there can be bad skin burns at times.

Use the above-mentioned guidelines to ensure that your joint pain is within your control. Go to a physician, when nothing seems to work to reduce the ache. Alternatively, you can also consider using support products, like the one we have mentioned above.

How Your Work Environment Influences Neck and Shoulder Pain

How Your Work Environment Influences Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain is a very common ailment in people today. Intense, radiating pain is often experienced in the base of the neck down to the shoulders. This makes it very difficult for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain to carry on with their daily routine. Neck and shoulder pain can cause intense discomfort and prevent people from participating actively in a number of activities.

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Neck and shoulder pain can be caused by a number of factors. One of the most common causes of neck and shoulder place is your workplace.

Although it sounds strange, your work environment influences your neck and shoulder pain in a number of ways. Here are some of them.

Prolonged use of computer systems

If your work demands you to sit in front of a computer system for at least 9 hours or more, then this is a leading cause of neck and shoulder pain. Being seated in the same position and straining your neck while looking at the computer screen can cause your neck and shoulders to become rather stiff. This in turn causes aches and pains in your neck and shoulders which worsen with the amount of time you spend looking at your computer. Taking breaks, stretching every now and then, and taking walks can prevent neck and shoulder pain.

Improper seating

If you are sitting on a chair without proper back support, it means that your spine is not properly aligned. This can cause intense neck and shoulder pain and it can radiate all the way down to your back as well. Try to use chairs that have a properly aligned back seat. You can even use cushions that are available at the pharmacy to give proper support to your back.


Neck and shoulder pain is frequently experienced by people who do not maintain a good posture while sitting or working. Slouching can arch your spine which is extremely bad for your back, neck, and shoulders. Do not arch your back while sitting. Instead, always maintain a straight posture.

These are some of the ways in which your workplace environment can influence neck and shoulder pain. If you experience any of these factors in your workplace, it is time to change them in order to alleviate the discomfort associated with neck and shoulder pain.

Why You Need Queue Solutions if you are Hosting an Event

Why You Need Queue Solutions if you are Hosting an Event

Nowadays, it is very easy to host an event, but it is not easy to run one smoothly without hiccups. When you host an event for a large audience, or are expecting one, you need to have plans to accommodate these outcomes. One of the most troublesome matters to deal with is if there is going to be a queue for the event and there is a bottleneck in your event due to the queue size.

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In this article, we will be sharing some queue solutions you can adopt to avoid such a scenario.

Firstly, if possible, adopt a self-checkout counter to relieve the stress on your own staff. A self-checkout counter is not only cheaper to deploy over the long run, but also puts the pressure on the crowd themselves. Rather than turning their unhappiness to your staff processing the queue, they turn it onto the slow people in the crowd taking longer to process themselves through the queue.

As Anna Arwidi mentions:
The deli area can be chaotic – so I sometimes skip that – and when presented with the choice of manned and self-check-out I’ll always head to the latter as there always seems to be a small queue for the manned check-outs.” Read more here!

Here, the author suggests another reason why you should be using a self-checkout if given the option, because people are still used to checking out via the cashier. One shouldn’t be afraid of trying new technology, after all what can a counter and bar scanner, or a mobile kiosk do to you? At most if you can’t figure the process by yourself, you can always ask a person in charge nearby how to operate it.

Next up, here are some tips and tricks to manage your queue if you end up having one. Maish writes:

Queue system offers a wide range of applications from a single line queue system to multiple lines queuing systems and allow the bank to cater wide banking services.  When the customer enters the virtual queue line and takes a ticket, the customer is intimated using digital signage solutions allowing them to approach the specific counter once their ticket number reaches the teller.” Read more here!

Other tricks can be using a multi-line queue instead of a straight line. You can open up the single line queue to multiple lines, and another section of multiple lines if you still need more space. In fact, this is how an airport manages its traffic in times of large traffic and there is limited space. Such a queue system is also present in banks, hospitals, and large event expos where a single line crowd is simply not possible given space constraints.


Next, another reason for having crowd control solutions is that if the queue is shorter, people will be less unhappy at having to wait. This is quite straightforward. Here, Queue Solutions writes:

Studies have shown that improving the customer’s experience in the checkout queue can raise their overall satisfaction rating by 20%. The reason is that the checkout queue is the retailers last touch point with the customer and the experience here will color their perception of the whole store visit. There is more at stake than just satisfaction.” Read more here!

This is why we need to solve large queues at its core – reducing them quickly and effectively. A long queue will only dampen the spirits of those attending the event and leave a bad taste. And with the use of social so prevalent nowadays, it is even more important to protect your public image as everyone can be sharing and blogging about the event on social media. Especially in Singapore, when people see a long queue, the most instinctive thing to do is to take out their phones to capture a picture of it.

Hence, we have covered some tips and tricks to manage a crowd if you ever end up having one while organizing an event. Perhaps more important is to not be at a loss to how to manage a large crowd if more than the expected number turns up. With that, you will be able to tune out the crowd and focus on the processing of the crowd.

Are Magnetic Healing Alternatives Safe

Are Magnetic Healing Alternatives Safe?

With the constant buzz of alternative medicine and traditional folk medicines from around the world, one specific alternative healing has been making its way up the scope of the orthodox. Namely the use of therapeutic magnets in what we call the Magnet Therapy. Magnet Therapy is a very appealing alternative medicine, it is known as safe and with very little side effects. It involves using magnets and keeping them on the body around the site of pain or ailment and it should help ease the pain in a few days’ time. This alternative medicine does not only come in one form but is presented in a plenty variety. There are magnetic bracelets and jewelries, magnet pads and patches. Magnetic shoe insoles, mattress pads and even cosmetics. With a promising cure to pains like inflammation, more and more people are getting into the wave of the new and rising alternative medicine.

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So, what is all this new craze about? Find out more on this article by Jeremy Laurence .

Magnets: Do They Really Work?

* The origins of magnet therapy can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but they became popular in the West in the 1990s. Around five million Americans were using magnets in 2001.

* Magnets are said to help with arthritis, aches and pains, circulation problems, migraine, backache, period pain and sleep problems. Read more here

With the growing craze about the medical healing powers of magnetic therapy, is there really truth to it? What could a mere magnet block do for the bodily pains we have? And moreover, is it without doubt that it is safe? Magnetic Therapy, mainly done by sticking the magnet near to the site of pain is becoming popular but not necessarily cheaper. Where there is an eager market, there is little economic sense. Magnetic jewelry or patches or pads can be unnecessarily more expensive than the commercial magnets used by everyone, therefor some are using standard magnet blocks such as fridge magnets and takes them to their skin. Is there much sense to this? Will the wonders of medical magnets justify the mean of the people when trying them out?

Burning with the same skeptical question, this article by Phylameana lila Desi investigates the claims of the enticing new alternative and traditional medicine.

Do Medical Magnets Have Healing Power?

Growing Body of Evidence Suggests Magnet Therapy Works When held against the skin, magnets relax capillary walls, thereby boosting blood flow to the painful area. The magnet should be affixed to the skin directly over the painful area. Some people use ordinary adhesive bandages to affix the magnets. 

To better answer this question, check out the article right here.

To the firm believer, Magnetic Therapy does not only work, it works with wonders. It can be argued that it has been around for a very long time and have its undeniable good effects when used for treatment. With much more than just a safety issue a lot more are standing up for the alternative medication as a reliable and— in a considerable thought— effective way of treating pains. With claims of healing aching joint pains in just a few days to researching the most effective magnets on the market, believers are growing each day.

More on this is explored and discussed in the article by Dr. Mercola below.

The Healing Power of Magnets

Magnets have been used for their healing properties since ancient times, and now a new study has found that they can reduce swelling when applied immediately after an inflammatory injury.

To know more about the compelling healing power of magnets check the original article right here.

Although many are skeptical, many are still believers, not only having faith but presenting testimonies of healing as well.  Plenty more of scientific efforts and hours should be put into it and more engineering for the safety of its users.  Moreover, current studies involving placebo groups and treatment groups show little evidence and correlation a to the real effect and healing power of magnetic therapy. So, to speak, it is safe to use this alternative the same way as a placebo when the afflicted have an arsenal of synthetic drugs available and effective for their ailments?

But we cannot ignore the fact that in some cases for the standard magnetic therapy that it delivered healing more than its placebo counterpart. And in most cases of the more advanced technological magnetic therapies such as PEMF and rTMS showed a much more convincing number of healing of certain number of illness.

In conclusion, there is still much studies to be done for this alternative medicine and not everyone has gotten in the bandwagon yet. But we cannot deny that despite the very little research, it has been around since ancient times and has been used by doctors since long ago. Maybe it all comes down to belief and faith of the person when it one decides whether to try magnetic therapy or not.

How Can Online Appointment System Benefit The Medical Practitioners?

Today, an increasing number of medical facilities all over the world have opted for going online as far as their appointment scheduling systems are concerned. Businesses such as therapeutic groups, clinics, and hospitals have it. Hence, there is a bigger requirement than ever before to know why these systems not only work well but also offer so many merits to the patients and the practice.

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Why use an online appointment system?

A good online appointment system can not only save an entrepreneur’s time but can also boost income too. These scheduling systems can promote long-lasting associations with the patients and offer operational convenience.

Over 4.3 billion people from all around the globe will be owning and using a mobile phone this year. In fact, statistics from 2015 demonstrate positive growth rates as far as usage of the Internet using mobile phones is concerned and the same trend continues in 2016 too. It is a clear indication why ore people like to go online for seeking healthcare assistance as they have started doing for so many other applications.

There are so many advantages associated with such online service an several of them are interconnected.

Accessibility, ease of operation, and convenience

Today, people have started opting for online management for a majority of services. The reason for this is anything online signifies rapid access, the simplicity of use and convenience. Customers not only desire it, they have started expecting it. When patients get access to online healthcare services, they can stay connected in a better way and are in better control as far as their time management is concerned.

Decreasing incidents of no-shows

There could be massive loss of business revenue in cases of no-shows or nonattendance. Apart from annoyance and inconvenience, online appointment system can lower nonattendance, thus saving revenues.

If a patient misses a booked appointment, the physician, as well as the clinic, does not get any payment for the missed time slot. Cases like this can eventually create a big loss in business revenue and even hamper the practice.

When no-shows or absence is controlled, it also means handling cases of overbooking and that can also lead to dissatisfied patients due to prolonged wait times.

According to studies conducted in the past, an extremely common reason for missed appointments or nonattendance is forgetting the time and day of the appointment. On the other hand, an online system can send automated reminders to tackle such problems.

Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Any professional wishing to keep safe in the service providers sector must make professional indemnity insurance a priority. Accountants, architects, solicitors and other professionals whose clients depend on the advice provided require such insurance. A skilled professional is sought for experience. It is assumed that with experience, the number of errors made is greatly reduced. There are odd times, however, when things are bound to go off-plan: this deviation is something even experience can’t prevent.


If you, as a professional, make an erroneous judgment, there are monetary repercussions that the client faces. The client hires a professional for expert advice in the hope of making a profit. If you become the cause of loss, the client will expect from you a liability to meet loses.


How does professional indemnity insurance help?


Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance protects the insurer against claims made by the client who’ve incurred financial losses heeding your advice. This loss is often termed as a ‘business injury’ and frequently results in large settlements and compensations.


A good PI policy acts as a buffer and protects the insurer from compensation claims and covers the compensation either partially or wholly while also offering the cost of defending the claim. This includes all the legal fees, which the insurer will face should the client go to court.


Is professional indemnity insurance a legal requirement?


  • There are many cases that demand PI insurance. There are professionals who hold a legal obligation to hold PI insurance. Professionals in the field of accounting and financial advice cannot operate efficiently if they lack the necessary coverage.
  • A professional with PI insurance stands a better chance of securing a deal from the client as compared to another without one. All businesses hold a basic expectation that the hired professional is securely covered.
  • PI insurance is, in short, a good business practice. It protects your business from the consequences of a potential error of judgment.


Who needs PI insurance?


Professionals who are in the field of Management and Business Consultants, Recruitment agencies and consultants, IT professionals, Designers, teachers and Tutors and Fitness professionals need PI insurance. There are two main advantages this insurance provides:


  1. It protects you from filing for bankruptcy should the client sue
  2. Covers all the legal cost when the client sues


Get your PI insurance today, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Suing Your Employer For Compensation Of Workplace Injuries

Every employee has the power to bypass the system that works on settling these on-the-job injuries/accidents/impairments when the accident happens due to sheer negligence/recklessness/intention of the employer. The worker has the right to sue the employer and the organization in court, with legal proofs and submissions that caused the damage, which includes the suffering, pain and mental tension. Many workers have been told that in the case of any injury in the workplace, they are only eligible to the compensation that they receive from the workmen compensation insurance. Agreeably that is the common rule, which has many hidden exceptions too.

Various situations

Defective product – If the worker is injured on the job because of a defective product which is used as the part of their job, then action can be taken against the company or organization that manufactures this product and is purely liable for the defects in it.

Toxic substance – If the worker is injured or impaired due to any kind of toxic substance, then there is a chance to raise the lawsuit the manufacturer who makes that chemical product.

Personal grudge – In case of any knowledge or proof or issues arise over the conduct of the employer, for the incident or accident, and if it is proved or believed as intentional, then the worker has all the rights to bring into action a lawsuit for personal injury against the organization.

No insurance – If the employer does not carry or cover any kind of compensation benefits for the worker in regards to injury/accident/impairment/disability, then the worker has rights to sue the employer legally either in civil court or to collect the compensation benefits allocated to the respective state funds.

Third party – If in case the employer provides all the safety measures including the workmen compensation, but the injury or accident is caused by a third party, then the worker needs to bring a lawsuit for personal injury and file a case against that particular person or party.

Know your rights well

It is well known that the compensation and benefits are comparatively very low and can’t compensate the mental anguish, pain, monetary suffering and other personal problems. Also, these benefits neither teach a lesson to the employer nor punish the responsible party for the punitive damages. And when returned to work, the worker has to work in the same poor safety measures and dangerous situations. That is why it is very important for every worker to know his or her rights well in order to file a case outside the system.

Know what the Types of Marine Cargo Insurance are

Singapore, being surrounded by the sea, derives its primary profits from transporting cargo either locally or globally across the water. Such goods that are in transit are susceptible to heightened rate of damage. There are also very high chances of the cargo getting lost. Misplacement or damage to cargo spells financial loss. Marine Cargo Insurance is one of the most important Commercial Insurance Singapore.  At Allegiance, there are two variations of Marine Insurance offered: Marine Cargo Insurance and Marine Hull Insurance.

Of the many available types of covers offered, a few Marine Cargo Insurance types are:

  • Open Cover Policy: This policy is ideal for those companies who primarily trade with frequent cargo ferrying. The Open Cover is a facility that is automated to insure the shipment against the cover limits, terms, previously agreed upon conditions and rates. This cover simplifies the insurance task as the cargo is either declared in bulk or individually for the stipulated time of agreement. The cancellation of such insurance is only after a formal written letter is presented either by the client or the insurance company.
  • Single Voyage Policy: As the name suggests, such insurance is applicable for a single transit. This policy is ideal for a conglomerate who is rarely involved in cargo shipments.
  • Inland Transit Cover: This policy is a type of annual cover that protects the goods being transported while they are on land. The insurance covers the damages that result from handling of the cargo either by the transporter on land or the professional carriers. For this cover, a premium is paid annually upfront without declaring the value of the shipment.
  • Annual Cover: The policy is similar to that of Open Cover. Annual Cover is ideal for such businesses that deal with great volumes of shipments on a regular basis. Companies that are primarily focused on cargo shipments should chose the annual cover. Each time a shipment is ferried; there is no requirement for declaration. For the period the policy is bought for, the cargo is protected. At the time of purchase of the cover, the premium amount is decided by a rough estimate of the shipment value. In general, cargo services have a list of specific services and items they are willing to take on. A comprehensive estimate of all types of cargo is summed up to reach the deposit price. The payable price of premium is adjusted right at the end of the policy period to understand the exact shipment value made during that time.

Prevention is better than Cure

Leading a risk free life is next to impossible. If you are leading a life where you have not taken any risks, then that can be termed as simply existing and not living in the true sense of the term.

At times, taking a less trodden path as a challenge to do something different is termed as taking a risk in life. Taking such risks in life can be a life changing experience. It can turn a pauper into a prince or a prince into a pauper. However, there can be some risks that need to be mitigated beforehand. Risks that are related to financial matters in life are the ones that need to be taken care of beforehand.

Imagine you are suddenly bankrupt and have no savings to fall back upon. You will need an external support system that will help sustain you through the crisis until you are again capable of handling finances on your own. This external support system is nothing but an insurance scheme that you invest in to ensure steady flow of cash during times of crisis. The monthly interest or premium, that you pay for a certain period of time, ensures that you get a good amount in return when there is a need.

Preventing Crisis:

As the age old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, it is always better to be insured than face a crisis and then look for adequate funds. Even while running a business, one has to ensure that there is a financial support system in case there is a situation of financial loss. Such support systems are known as corporate insurances. There are legal entities, known as insurance agencies, that provide corporate insurances. In places where there is a lot of business happening, one can find many such agencies.

There are many agencies providing corporate insurance in Singapore as Singapore is known as the most commercially ripe place in Asia. Singapore provides a conducive environment for business to grow and thrive. However, for business to function properly, first and foremost financial security is important. Corporate insurance in Singapore provides this financial security. They help in situations where an employee has faced some calamity and needs financial help for treatment or the family needs to be compensated. They also provide financial support in cases where the company has met with a huge financial loss. Thus, corporate insurances, in the true sense, are the preventions that prevent the cure.

How to Be an Affiliate Marketer Without Feeling Like You’re Doing It Wrong

51xzwez4cwl-_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa278_pikin4bottomright-6922_aa300_sh20_ou01_It wasn’t that long ago that I decided to repurpose my old domain and make into something that I could appreciate and enjoy.  I am a perennial student of marketing and have experience as an analyst for a major retailer in Corporate America but now I was on my own.

I decided to make a go of this “make money online” thing but things weren’t happening fast enough. I would try this too, that tool and wasn’t really getting anywhere.There are a lot of great tools, pricey tools, promising to get results quickly. So when I didn’t get the results I thought I was supposed to be getting when I thought I should be getting them, I got frustrated and fedup.

I started to question this whole process because well, I surely was not going to quit my dream of creating significant passive income but something had to give. That was when I decided to stop, back up, and just go back to the basics and start over. I had to remind myself that I was in a marathon, not a sprint. I had to work my business and not someone else’s but I had to start from square one.  I’ve started seeing results and I want to build on that. Again, a marathon, not a sprint.

I have seen the stories, heard the frustration of those who are new to affiliate marketing and newly frustrated by what they think they’re not doing right. They see the experts making thousands a month and just get so frustrated because they’re not. Here’s what I’m saying to you all:

Don’t quit and don’t get intimidated; you’re more than likely on the right track

The truth is, you’re not seeing the whole story and to be even more honest, that’s THEIR story that they worked over a period of time. You’re seeing one point in all of that journey. There’s a lot to learn but if you’re serious, you may have to stop and just go back to the basics with a different mindset.